Strawberry Cake Recipe

Fruit flavored cakes have always been a challenge for me. I always look to incorporate natural fruit flavors into the cake rather than resorting to artificial colors and flavorings. The last time I tried a fruit cake was last summer when I chanced upon this lovely Orange cake. This year I came across a wonderful Homemade Strawberry Cake recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction. I loved the way she has presented the recipe and helped with all the possible issues you might face making a strawberry cake. I followed the cake recipe with a few tweaks and decided to go for a whipped cream frosting rather than the strawberry frosting.

The original recipe by Sallys Baking Addiction calls for adding reduced strawberry puree to your cake batter in order to infuse the strawberry flavor into your cake. This was the only time consuming part in the whole process so I preferred to prep it a day in advance.

The Reduced Strawberry Puree is simple, all you have to do is blitz one pound of fresh strawberries in a mixer till they are pureed and then reduce the mixture in half over medium heat. The trick here is to keep on stirring the puree so you wont end up with strawberry splashes all over your stove 🙂 Once the puree is reduced, I let it cool and stored in the refrigerator till I was ready to use it.

Another great addition to the recipe was Greek Yogurt, this will enhance the creamy tangy flavor of the cake.

This cake can be enjoyed just as it is, or with a number of different icings. I decided to go with a simple whipped cream icing topped with broken pieces of chocolate and tiny strawberry pieces.

So here is the printable recipe card for a simple Strawberry Vanilla cake.

This recipe is sufficient for two 8 inch round cake pans

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