Travel Essentials for a great trip

This ones coming after a long long time. I’ve been away for a couple of months travelling to India and back. This one was a quickly planned trip which meant I had hardly any time to pack my backs and clean up my home so it would stay neat for the next two months ( PS – I hate coming home to messy apartment 😛 ). In spite of the sudden planning, I was really looking forward to this trip. But, as much as we love unplanned holidays, we don’t like packing up in a hurry and fear leaving something important behind. We also hate to leave our homes unkempt while travelling – no one likes to come home to a mess after a long trip. I have had my share of packing up wrong stuff/ less stuff / more stuff for a trip and also packing up in a rush leaving my room in a mess causing more frustration upon my return. But every trip teaches me something about managing my luggage and home and I am glad to share this with you all. There were some really helpful products and packing hacks which helped me pack-up, clean-up in time and even manage to squeeze in time for gym prior to my flight. Heres a small two step process 



Pack up your essentials first. If this is an international trip, make sure you pack your passport and travel documents first along with the required cards and currency. Remember, you can make do with fewer clothes in your bag but not with your documents. So pack them up nicely in a compact case or a handy pouch.

Next come your clothes. Based on the number of days of your trip travel and your type of trip pack the essential clothes. For a trip mixing and matching various outfits always works well. I have created this Pinterest Board for some great outfit ideas which you can refer to and will help with the packing.

Check out more outfit ideas here

Remember Compact is always better, so roll your clothes instead of folding them and pack lighter fabrics instead of heavier ones. This is make your bag lighter and you may need a smaller bag too. Get a pack of air-travel compliant cosmetic case in which you can store all your cosmetics and beauty products. For a short trip you wont need larger quantities so keep this cosmetic case filled up and ready always to grab on to when you pack your bags.  

Shoes – a girl can never have enough shoes 😛 The general rule is to carry just 3 pairs of shoes with you, where you wear the heaviest pair which is usually the sneakers and stuff the other two in your bag. But I am guilty of travelling with more than three pairs always! 😉 But I make sure that apart from the sneakers, my other pairs of footwear are small and light which won’t occupy a lot of space.

Finally to ensure your luggage stays organized, pack everything in Packing Cubes available easily on Amazon. Trust me, these are life savers when it comes to managing your packing.  These are my favorite packing cubes which I have purchased more than a year ago and have stayed with me (enduring the super heavy luggage) since then.

packing cubes 1

They also have a very sturdy and handy toiletry bag which holds a lot of personal care items including a change of clothes if need be. This is my favorite grab-on bag when I travel since it can hold all the things I need and fits perfectly into a suitcase. It is also perfect for carrying makeup. I had a lot of makeup products to carry with me while moving to US and I was worried that the delicate packing may break or get spoiled during the travel. But I packed it all in this little bag, put it in my check-in luggage and all my stuff arrived unscathed.




Food Management – start with your perishables. Veggies and fruits tend to spoil soon, so best way to avoid wastage is to finish them off or if you don’t have time then freeze them. Cleaned washed veggies and fruits freeze up to 4-6 months if frozen in freezer friendly containers or Ziploc bags.


Meat products can be a bit tricky, if the meat is cooked, then I wouldn’t suggest freezing it as it may hamper the taste and health factor. Uncooked cleaned meat can be stored in Ziploc bags or Airtight containers and frozen again for 3-4 months.

Also, don’t forget to store your snacks, cereal etc  in airtight containers.

Wiping down the house 

After packing your bags, store them in one side and start your wipe down. Start with the kitchen by wiping down the your kitchen counters and cabinets. I love using Clorox tissues for a quick wipe down or if things are messy in the kitchen I give it a good spray-over with a Multipurpose Cleaner followed by a swift wipe-down with soft tissues or cloth.

PS it also leaves your kitchen smelling lovely!

Next is to start vacuuming the whole place. Doing this after your packing will ensure that all those isty bitsy dust bunnies left after the packing will be swept up and cleaned. And this will wind up your packing and you will have a clean home to come back to. 😀 



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