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When I was moving to Chicago from Mumbai my primary concern was, how am I supposed to source all my Indian groceries in the US? I knew that there were a limited few number of stories stocking Indian groceries but they had a limited collection and they were located far away from where I stay. So going there and getting all the stuff you need is a task. I know there is always Amazon, but the cost of the products on Amazon was something I wasn’t ready to pay for my basic groceries. Also, they do take time to deliver – even on Prime. Hence, I got quite some amounts of spices and groceries from India but there is always a limited amount which you can carry along with you from India.

The solution to all my problems came in form of MYVALUE 365.

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MYVALUE365 is a one stop, online grocery store for buying all regional groceries including Indian groceries. They aim at providing the freshest of produce, right at your doorstep, on the same day. An added plus to this is – they do the delivery for FREE (if you order over $30). When I visited their website, I was truly surprised with the wide array of fresh produce, groceries, spices, household items and personal items they provide. They also have some great food ideas on their website which made it easier for me to plan a great traditional Indian festive spread for my family.

MYVALUE365 delivers in the Chicago area, they are also expanding from the Chicago downtown area to cover additional locations… which is truly a boon for the chi-city residents. They aim at providing efficient service, high quality products at a great deal in a timely manner. MYVALUE365 is specially created to bring together retail outlets who sell specialized International groceries together under one roof (or on a web-site 😉 ) to create a fun and interactive shopping experience for everyone. Their website is divided into three stores – FRESH FARMS, MEHRAB HALAL MEAT and their newly launched KAMDAR PLAZA. You can shop at all these three stores, in addition to their collection on just one website.


I was invited by the team at MYVALUE365 to visit their website and check their products and I was truly surprised at the variety of products they sell and the fact that most of these products are local to my home country and I never imagined getting them here in Chicago. I used to use these brands regularly at home and now that I know these brands are available even in Chicago through MYVALUE365 makes me more delighted to be here.

Here is an added advantage – shop with the code “BLOG365 and get an additional $5 off on your order and a free delivery of the products to your home (on a minimum order of $30).”

The secret for their awesome service is that MYVALUE365 has a unique way of supply chain management – they aim at bringing together all the retailers for international products under one roof and provide their products to the public. They have encompassed more than 15,000 brands from the markets of India, China, Spain, Japan, Middle-East and Mexico and brought these products to your doorstep.  This majorly helps the customers who want to source international products but do not know how to manually visit different stores for each product. More so it is an added advantage when they deliver your products on the same day. I placed my order in the morning for all the ingredients I needed to cook a festive Indian spread at home, by noon my products were delivered to me and I was able to cook with ease. This convenience which is offered by MYVALUE365 is hard to find and a great quality.


I love cooking Indian food, especially since there are so many different cuisines available in India it is always fun to cook a wide variety of dishes. Since the spices I use at home are inspired from Western Indian regions, I decided to try something new and experiment with the North Indian cuisine. The gravies in North Indian cuisine are thicker, made with clarified butter/ Ghee and extremely delicious, especially the Mughlai cuisine. My favorite in the Mughlai cuisine is Butter-Chicken gravy or is known in Hindi as Murg Makhanwala, paired with their quintessential bread known as Naan, and a milk based creamy dessert. This spread is like soul food to me however it is a tedious spread to make from scratch. So, I was really glad to see that MYVALUE365 has ready pre-mixes available for Butter Chicken, ready Naan and my favorite the Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer) pre-mix. Hence, it was decided I wanted to use to convenience and ease of shopping provided by MYVALUE365 to make my favorite Mughlai spread.

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The basic ingredient for Indian cooking is Ghee or clarified butter. Although it is hailed by many as an unhealthy product, in reality Ghee is extremely beneficial to your health. It promotes your bone health, it is free of lactose, it has a great rich buttery taste and is useful for healthy weight loss! Yes, it is an healthy delicious fat which makes you lose weight. I use ghee for tempering (Indian tadka) while cooking my food and brush a bit of it over my rotis/flatbreads. Although loaded with benefits sourcing good quality ghee in Chicago was a trouble. MYVALUE365 however has great brands for Pure Ghee and the one I received has a rich taste and no doubt of great quality.

This Ghee is unadulterated and pure and the golden color with the grainy texture at bottom is a proof to this 🙂 



Butter-Chicken when made from scratch takes a long time and involves some prior preparation. Cooking this lovely gravy instantly is not really possible unless you have a pre-mix ready in your pantry. MYVALUE365 has a wide variety of such pre-mixes to choose from. I obviously chose the butter chicken mix. These pre-mixes are also great if you are new to Indian cooking and want to try your hand at some lovely Indian recipes but are skeptical to cook them because of their complex cooking process.


Similarly the Naan is a type of Indian bread which is very complex to make, often requires special ingredients and its process is very time consuming. MYVALUE365 has a variety of different ready to eat Naans available with them, which are available in any quantity you like and are available at a great rate! A true catch I would say.

Warm and soft Naans ready to eat in just 5 minutes of baking..such a blessing indeed!

Whenever I plan a whole spread, desserts are necessary. Depending on the cuisine which I was cooking, I try to make the local desserts specific to that cuisine. Since I was planning to make Indian Mughlai food – i.e. food inspired from the Mughal era in India, my all time favorite dessert in this cuisine is the creamy sweet rice pudding loaded with dried fruits with a mild flavour of cardamon. Again, this is a tedious process to make from scratch – reduce the milk till its thickened, cook rice in it, source the dried fruits etc. I was really glad that I could complete my spread of Mughlai food with the ready-to cook Kheer mix available with MYVALUE365. The Kheer-mix is pre-made with all the essential ingredients, so you really do not need any special ingredient for it. All I had to do was follow the instructions, mix in rice and milk for a delicious dessert.

By far this has been the best Kheer Mix I tried till date. Extremely easy to make and equally delicious.



This was the delicious Indian spread which I could prepare, just under one 1 hour, with hardly any prior preparations all thanks to MYVALUE365. 

The service provided by MYVALUE365 is supreme. It is a dream to get your local home products miles away from home, in great quality, within your budget range and on the same day! So I am really impressed by them. Also, the products provided by MYVALUE365 are of high quality and they are not expensive at all. The food I cooked using these products was simply delicious and it is truly a boon to be able to make such delicious meals in short time using the service provided by MYVALUE 365. So my suggestion you be, go ahead and make your favorite spread with MYVALUE365 and dont forget to share your experience with me.


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  1. Renuka Deshpande says:

    I love how detail-oriented you are and how you give these health tips in your posts. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Renu! This means a lot to me♥️😊

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  2. Pooja says:

    Myvalue365!! This is indeed a rescue for all international buddies in Chicago.

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  3. Kunal Seth says:

    They have very good and responsive customer service. I like that they deliver same day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, absolutely true..I really like their same day delivery.

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