Weekend Ideas for Staycation and Book Marathon

This one is for all the homebodies out there (including me 😉 )…don’t we love the idea of staying at home on a weekend, doing hardly any chores, just curled up in your corner with a great book and hot cuppa? Let your mind travel, take you on journeys through the past ages, the magical worlds and lost kingdoms or be thrilled with the suspense and rush of a gripping page-turner!! For those who love to read, this seems like the perfect weekend idea 🙂


When the weather is rough or when I’ve had a long week I love to stay at home through the weekend and read. This staycation and book marathon used to happen a lot while I was in India. A lawyers life is never slow during the week…and luckily when the courts closed down for the weekend I would love to immerse myself in the world of books.

So what would you need for this kind of weekend –

  1. A couple of great books
  2. A relatively free weekend
  3. Your favourite spot in the house 😉
I love reading my annual share of Harry Potter in my spot

Reading can also be meditative and refreshing. I have had many conversations with people who do not fancy the idea the reading a book. Their reason for not liking reading is because they simply do not have the right book. So it bores them to read things which do not interests them. Happens a lot with me too..when I don’t like a book I get bored reading it…but most often than not I complete that book anyways just to be fair to the author and thats just the way I am 😀 But I do not want you guys to be stuck in the same ‘wrong book’ dilemma so here I will suggest you some great books which I have read and I would love it if you guys give them a shot.

(PS – while creating a list of these books I have included Amazon Affiliate links for them.  Clicking on these links will not incur any additional costs to you, but will help support this blog in a small way)

So here is my list of tried and tested Stay-cation Weekend Books

1. Harry Potter Series – Always the first on my list for reading and re-reading I can never get tired of the Potter-world. Read Harry’s adventure through the world of magic which starts in a cupboard under the stairs and goes on the be a marvelous journey.  I have read these books numerous times infact, I now read the series every year (just a small little ritual of mine) and every time I read it, its just like the first time 🙂

beats-book-design-1005012 (1).jpg

2. The Book Thief – Recommended to me by my sister, this book is about the journey of a girl Liesel who lives under the care of her foster parents during World War II and is drawn towards the world of books. This is her story when reading books of your choice was a deathly risk and she decided to take it just for the love of reading. The most interesting part of this book is that the story is narrated by Death, from its perspective which is chilling and interesting at the same time.

book tief.jpeg

3. The Bourne Series– Looking for a slick adventure series…Jason Bourne is here to accompany you. I remember starting to read the first book The Bourne Identity on a Friday night and I had finished it by the time the weekend was over. My tip…read this book in depth, you don’t want to miss out on the details here.


4. The Millennium Series – The award-winning crime novel series is something which will set you on a gripping adventure with Lisbeth Salander a woman with sharp mind, photographic memory but poor social skills and Mikael Blomkvist an investigative journalist and publisher of the magazine called Millenium. The first three books written by Stieg Larson are worth a read and I assure you, if you are a fan of crime fiction and smartly written books, this ones for you.


5. The Girl on the Train – This thriller fiction novel is something you will love to read on a weekend. This is now also a major motion picture movie, although I haven’t seen the movie I loved reading the book. The story-line is very fresh and unconventional, the novel has a good pace and you will enjoy this one throughly!



6. Memoirs of a Geisha – If crime fiction is not your cup of tea, try reading memoirs of the Geisha. The novel is written in a first person perspective of a Geisha – Chiyo who narrates her journey from her poverty stricken fishing village to working as a Geisha.


7. Last Train to Istanbul – For the romantics out there, this is a story about love, sacrifice and family ties set against the backdrop of World War II. Written by Ayşe Kulin, this is an uplifting story which send the message that nothing — not war, not politics and not even religion can break the bonds of a family.


8. House of Cards – The famous television series is based on this book. This is a great book for those who love political fiction. The characters are well written the book does not bore the reader at any point and you will truly enjoy this one.


9. The Help – Based on a true story, this book records the life of African Americans working in late 1960’s in Mississippi. As you read the book, you truly grow to like the characters in it, root for their freedom and happiness and this is one book which could move me to tears. This book too has been adapted into a movie but I would really suggest that you read this book before checking out the movie.


10. Me Before You : Another one for the romantics out there. This is a story of young and quirky Lou and Will a banker left paralyzed. Lou is hired as Wills caregiver and this changes the lives of both Lou and Will forever. Altough it seems like a typical romantic plotline, this book leaves you with a good message and a happy heart.

me b you

Go on and give one of these books a try, if you have any favorite books which you would like me to try do leave a comment!! Happy reading.

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  1. I’ve finally started going through your posts and they’re really good. Keep up the good work, Shar and you’ve kind of motivated me to push myself to write my own posts.

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    1. sharushinde says:

      Thanks a lot Appy 🙂 I’m glad you liked them…I look forward to your posts too 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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