Petting zoo with a difference: Lambs Farm Libertyville

As you guys know, starting today every week I will be sharing with you all one Day out Destination, which will have an itinerary for things to do in one day near your city…and so, my first Day out Destination is Lambs Farm, Libertyville, IL 😀


This is not a sponsored post..I visited this place last weekend, we loved the time we spent there and we genuinely want more and more people to know about it and try to visit this remarkable place.


Lambs Farm is located in Libertyville IL, very close to Chicago city. It is located right off Interstate 94 and you can even see it from a distance as you arrive. Driving from Chicago to Lambs Farm will take a little less than an hour depending on the traffic so this makes the perfect Days Out Destination.

What is Lambs Farm

Lambs farm is a wonderful organisation started in 1961 by two loving souls named Bob Terese and Corinne Owen. I was originally started as a pet shop with a motto that those with developmental disabilities deserved to lead productive and fulfilling lives and have meaningful employment. From employing just 12 special individuals in 1961, till date where Lambs Farm gives an opportunity to nearly 250 wonderful individuals to work in a safe and empowered environment. In the words of Lambs Farms, it is a place where people grow.

To know more about Lambs Farm, do visit their website

What will you find in Lambs Farm

Dixie will help you with your tickets and entry into Lambs Farm

Lambs Farm is a huge property well divided between their various activities. They have a their Farmyard – an animal farm + petting zoo, a Pet Center, a Thrift Shop, Magnolia Cafe & Bakery, Sugar Maple Country Store and Lambs Industries. They also have residential facilities for their staff and it is all located surrounding a picturesque lake 🙂

We started with a visit to the Farmyard. We reached there at around 10 am which is their opening time and started exploring the Farm Yard. They have a number of animals, each animal is given a special place to stay depending on its characteristic. So the horses have large grounds to run on, the lambs, sheep, llamas and alpaca have a fenced complex full of hay stacks, food and warm homes to rest. They have also constructed play areas for these animals, like little logs on wood to climb on or stacks of hay to play around 🙂 The Farm Yard also houses baby animals separately so they get more care. Plus it is also full of cats playing around freely, happy to sit in your lap if you want. There are more animals than what i am writing here, I can list them all out else it will be a super long post!! So you have to visit and check for yourself 😉

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The Dogwood Garden & Pet Center the original Pet Shop which later developed into the Lambs Farm. You will find a huge collection of pet supplies and accessories, gifts for your pets and some pet themed home and garden accessories. The Pet Center is also home to some dogs and cats who can be adopted once you complete the necessary formalities. You can visit these animals there and inform the staff there if you want to start with the adoption process.

All this little guy wanted was belly rubs and to nibble on my jacket!

The Cedar Thrift Shop and the Sugar Maple Country Store are the perfect locations to buy goodies for your home. The Thrift Shop has some really great, delicately used merchandise which can be a real steal for your house. The Sugar Maple Country Store is something you need to visit for your fix of jams, cookies, chocolates and more 🙂

The Food

Lambs Farm is home to Magnolia Bakery where we have tried the best soup, burgers, sandwiches and fries till date. I am not kidding!! The food here was so fresh and flavorful we had no struggle in finishing their generous serving size. The staff here is very friendly, they are happy to help you out with everything you need. The ambiance is very loving which is something I love the most 🙂 They also have ample space to host an event.


We tried the Spicy Chipotle Burger (which has beef burger or grilled chicken breast (as per your choice) topped with jalapeno peppers, guacamole, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo on a grilled bun) and Barn Burner Burger( which has an all beef burger or grilled chicken breast (as per your choice) topped with sauteed onions, swiss cheese, hickory smoked bacon, barbque sauce served on grilled sourdough bread) both the burgers were served with their homemade potato fries, their house recipe Cole Slaw and we added their soup of the day – Chilli Soup to go with it. The Chilli soup was full of flavour and had a warm homely taste to it..a perfect soup on a cold day :).


We also tried their Wisconsin Cheese Curds, we had been meaning to try these for a long time so we were glad to see it on the menu. The Cheese Curds were brought to us fresh off the stove, they had the perfect cheesy:crunchy ratio and were served with their cheese dip which made a perfect accompaniment to our meal.


Attractions for Kids

The Lambs Farm also has numerous special attractions for kids which I am sure your little ones will enjoy. They get a chance to ride a camel and a pony. There are regular train trips around the farm. They also have a carousel for the kiddos and mini golf for everyone. Tickets to these attractions can be purchased separately at the entrance or a Day Pass can be purchased which will have all the attractions included in it.


The Farmyard is free for all kids under the age of 2 yrs. A childs day pass is $12.00 in which your child will enjoy access to the Farmyard, Miniature Golf, Carousel, Bounce House, and Miniature Train ride. An adults day pass is for $8.00 where you get to enjoy the miniature train ride, mini gold and access to the Farmyard.

The individual attraction prices for adults and kids are as under

Farmyard – $5.00

Miniature Train Ride – $3.00

Carousel – $ 2.00 (only for children upto 12 yrs)

Mini Golf – $4.00

Bounce House – $2.00 (only for children upto 12 yrs, depending on the weather)


Groupon is having a great deal for Lambs Farm, do check them here

So do try and visit this place soon and let me know down in the comments how you liked it! 🙂

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