Maya Del Sol – an exquisite Latin fusion experience

Since the time I moved to the US, I really am enjoying trying out the Latin American cuisine. I love the full-bodied flavourful food and how it is prepared…I am particularly a fan of slow cooking and I was really craving to eat someplace where I would get a chance to enjoy such soul-satisfying food. So when the time came for a small celebration (it was my husbands birthday and the first birthday which we did not celebrate over Skype 😛 so it was celebration) we decided to visit one of the best Latin Fusion Cuisine restaurants in Oak Park Chicago, Maya Del Sol.

Maya Del Sol – is a Latin American fusion cuisine restaurant which features dishes from Central and South America or as they say we have been taking our guests on an exciting culinary journey through Central and South America” and they do make this culinary journey a pleasant and unforgettable experience!! They have been amazing people with their culinary expertise since 2007. Their food is delicious, drinks enjoyable 😀 and the staff is cheerful and extremely friendly.


The atmosphere at Maya Del Sol is relaxed casual with very comfortable seats and pleasant music. We were greeted cheerfully and escorted to our seats. For drinks, we ordered the their Sangrias, aptly named, “Sangrias from scratch” one in white wine and one in red. The Sangria was not too fruity and the wine did not overpower the drink too much…it was the perfect blend. I shamelessly finished mine even before the food could arrive and our server gladly helped me with a refill!!




Tamales – this was the first time I tried tamales ever and the ones served at Maya Del Sol surely made a lasting impression. The texture was firm and perfect, it was very flavoursome with just the right amount of cheese and poblano pepper sauce!!

Fish Tacos

I generally avoid eating fish in restaurants but my husband suggested we try these and I am glad I did…else I would have missed out on this super dish!! The fish was fresh, we tried the blacked tacos so the fish was grilled to perfection. The Tacos were soft and freshly made. Overall the combination worked super and it did not take us long to finish these. This is so enjoyable you can easily have more than one helping.

Carne Asada –

This is a Mexican marinated beef dish served the Maya Del Sol way with chimichurri, yukon gold potatoes, brussels sprouts, brie cheese sauce. The chimichurri was delectable and I loved how the potatoes were flavoured and how well they blended with the beef.

Cochinita Pibil

This is a classic Maya Del Sol dish of slow cooked pork shoulder spiced with achiote, pickled red onion, black beans, served with habanero or serrano salsa on the side. However our server was gracious enough to serve us both habanero and serrano salsa. One bite of it and I realised exactly why this dish is a Maya Del Sol classic and a crowd favourite. The slow cooked pork was perfectly spiced and it melted in my mouth. The salsa added the perfect spice kick which was needed for the dish. Overall…this is a wonderful preparation and I would definitely come back for more!!


To be honest here, we were really confused whether to have the flan here or the pastel de chocolate both seemed so delectable but we had appetite only for one 😦 So we decided to try the Flan since we had never tried this dessert before. The quantity was sufficient for two people to share, the Flan was plated in an appealing manner. It was drizzled with just the right amount of caramel sauce and topped with fruits. Overall this dessert was simply delightful 🙂


The Maya Del Sol Menu is far more extensive than what I have described here. They have weekly specials, their margaritas are worth a try and I really want to try their brunch menu next. The other great part about Maya del Sol is their patio dining. We could not dine on the patio last time since it was really cold and I preferred an indoor seating. So there is even more to Maya Del Sol than what we have experienced once….we do plan to visit there soon for seconds!! Do plan to visit this delightful restaurant for an unforgettable experience..and do let me know in the comments below which cuisine should I try next!!

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  1. Pooja says:

    Good food and Good Appetite as well..!! 👍🙂😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sharushinde says:

      Thank you Pooja 😊


  2. Renuka says:

    I would never remember so much about the food I ate, that I could write in such detail about it! 😀 Great job!


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