Wandering through Watford!!

During my brief stay in London I stayed in Watford, a lovely English town in the northwest of London. I was working in Watford too and would walk to work…and walking to work would mean exploring 😀 Watford is home to the Warner Bros Studios, the Cassiobury Park, Watford Palace Theater and a very enjoyable high street. I am a huge fan of the Watford high street and I would go there everyday after work just for a stroll and off course some kebabs 😛

Watford is approximately 35 mins from Central London by train and around 50 minutes drive from Heathrow Airport. I stayed near Watford Junction which was walking distance from the High Street. This is a small delightful town which can be a part of your itinerary when you plan to visit the Warner Bros Studios.

Notes from Nature

I am a huge fan of parks and outdoors…nature trails, national parks and public park spaces in town…name it and I will mark that in my itinerary to check it. This is mainly because I prefer quieter places where I can be at peace with my thoughts. So when a friend suggested me to check out the Cassiobury park I was obviously excited to visit it 🙂 I had been advised to plan a longer visit to the park, but due to time constraints I could visit there only once during the evenings. The Cassiobury Park is 190 acres of public park open all year round to visitors and their pets. It was a private property until 1937 when the Hertfordshire City Council purchased it.

This place is a perfect spot for a relaxing walk, a nice run or just to have a picnic with your family. Also it is within 15 minutes walking distance from the High Street. So you can plan your time in Watford around shopping, relaxing picnic and off course the Warner Bros studios.

Shopping sprees at High Street Watford

Food, shopping and fun crowd! High Street Watford is a melting pot of cultures went it comes to food. There’s my favourite Nandos, Taste of Lahore for Mughlai cuisine, Roosters Piri Piri for grilled meat (this one was my go-to dinner option), Gourmet Burger King where I had the most delicious burger and sweet potato fries ever…and many more choices. When it comes to shopping, Intu Watford has some great stores. It is huge, the brands are expansive, you will get tired of walking around but still there will be a part of the mall which will be left unexplored. Since I visited London a few months before my wedding, I stocked up on all the makeup and skin care products which I would need for my big day!! And boy…i bought so much of stuff I could not carry half of it with me when I moved to Chicago after marriage 😛

PS I could have had better pictures of the High Street but my hands were always full with shopping bags!! Real Story.

What is to be remembered is that High Street and Intu Watford have limited operating hours..I came from India where we are used to malls being open till late evening I was surprised at the operating hours here. To relieve you from the stress I here’s the link to the mall calendar and store timings 🙂

The Foodie Trails through Watford

I was working full time during my time in Watford so that meant I had little or no time in the morning to cook my own meals. There was a Tesco express near to my apartment where I used to purchase my lunch as a £3.00 meal deal. This would include a main dish, usually Salad/Pasta, a bag of crisps 😛 I love them and a bottle of water or juice.

Ignore the messy desk 😛 (a lawyers desk is never devoid of papers) this is one of the yummy pastas I purchased from Tesco in the meal deals 🙂

In the evenings I would explore Watford High Street where I would eat my dinner at one of these restaurants –

Pret a Manger their spicy chicken wrap stays my all time favourite. (PS on the way back home at Heathrow I treated myself to a spicy chicken wrap at 5 am in the morning just because I was going to miss Pret in India). Pret used to be my choice of restaurant even for lunch times while I was working in Central London and they are such nice guys…many a times they treated me to coffee on the house just like that!! 🙂

Roosters Piri Piri located on the High Street at Watford, this is an amazing takeout place for satisfying grilled food craving which you get. My favourite here was the Chicken Pita Wrap

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – these guys serve an amazing variety of handcrafted burgers. Everything here is so fresh you can relish it in your each bite. I tried the Chick Chick Boom Burger (which has Chilli fried chicken, garlic mayo, blue cheese slaw, pickles, jalapenos) with Sweet Potato Fries and Oreo Milkshake….FOOD COMA!!!

Eds Easy Diner – This is a typical American Diner with typical diner-styled interiors and super friendly staff. I visited this place during one of my shopping sprees in Intu Watford where I treated myself into yet another food coma with Coffee Milkshake and Grilled Halloumi Salad.

Check out the shopping bag in the background 😛

And this winds up my experience in Watford. If you want to visit Watford for a short stay the ideal two day itinerary would be

Day 1 – Visit the Warner Bros Studios : this will take your entire day trust me on this and do read my blog on my visit to the Warner Bro studios. You can catch a show at the Watford Palace Theatre in the evening to experience drama in an Edwardian structure.

Day 2 : Visit the High Street for some brunch and shopping followed by leisurely evening time in the Cassiobury Park

So next time you are in London, do take out time to visit this beautiful town which I fell in love with!!


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